Fifty Shades Freed by EL James(Arrow Books)

By now I’m sure that most people know what the Fifty Shades of Grey books are all about.

Even if you haven’t read one or all of them, you’re bound to have had discussions around the dinner table to find out exactly why everyone from teenage girls to grown women are so obsessed with them.

Well, after reading all three in less than a month, I didn’t know the answer myself, until I was asked to review the third book, Fifty Shades Freed.

Of course I had to go back and refresh my memory. And yes, I’ll admit it – perhaps I was just looking for an excuse to delve back into the whirlwind romance and wild sexcapades of young and naïve Anastasia Steele and controlling yet vulnerable millionaire Christian Grey.

Just like with the first two books, the third installment had its irritations. It’s no secret that the author, E.L James isn’t exactly the best writer in the world – she writes long, sloppy sentences and repeats words and phrases to the point of frustration.

For example, Ana referring to her subconscious as her “inner goddess”, or the way the Ana and Christian call each other “Mr Grey” and “Miss Steel”. Oh and the random British phrases that the very American characters often utter kill me every time.

I could go on, but, let’s face it, no one ever claimed that the Fifty Shades franchise is Nobel Literature winning material. So let’s get to what actually goes down in the book…

After a very brief romance, where they got to know each other’s bodies better than anything else, Ana and Christian tie the knot. And you can’t help but feel anxious that something is bound to go wrong.

This is also the first time that we get a better look into the life of Christian Grey – through flashbacks from his childhood.

The author’s intention was obviously for the reader to gain some insight into why Christian is the way he is – controlling, disturbed, scared, patronizing, yet charming, witty, caring and loveable.

I however think that flashbacks from his teenage years, when he was seduced by Mrs.Robinson, might have been more effective.

The flashbacks of the couple’s engagement, wedding and honeymoon worked much better and allowed the reader to get to know them better than before.

And for once, I found myself wishing that they would have less sex and talk more – find out more about each other, and try to resolve the massive issues that have plagued them from the beginning.

The action and suspense in Fifty Shades Freed also differentiates the book from the previous two. We get to see Ana and Christian in life threatening situations, where I found myself holding my breath and hoping that they’ll be all right.

But don’t worry, they have plenty of sex. In fact, at times, it’s quite ridiculous.

The suspense seems to get too much for the characters and somehow they manage to find the strangest places, and worst times, to do the deed –like in the front seat of a car, after a violent kidnapping and near death experience. Really, now?

But what makes it so addictive isn’t the kinky sex and weird places they manage to have it. We are so addicted and obsessed with Ana and Christian, because while we are in awe of them, we also relate to them.

Yes, we wish we had the fancy cars, private jets, designer dresses and of course, the amazing, never ending sex. But, as ridiculous as their lives may be, we can see ourselves in them.

Because, even in a world of amazing wealth and exuberance, these two have to really fight to make it work. They have major problems and issues that money simply can’t fix.

And we find ourselves rooting for them to make it work, no matter how disturbed and strange their lives and relationship may be. We want them to make it in the end. And if that means having ridiculous amounts of sex all the time, then so be it.

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