How do you feel about your body when you go shopping, try on 10 pairs of jeans and still nothing fits?

Do you take it personally and feel that there is something wrong with your body if you can’t fit into certain styles?

Many women feel badly about themselves when fashionable styles don’t work for them. The only remedy to this is to discover what DOES work for you.

I have seen countless women shift how they see themselves when they find the styles that make them look great.  

It’s a myth that some women can wear anything and everything. Every woman I have worked with, including myself, looks great in some styles and terrible in others.  It’s about working out which is which.

Once you know what works for you, it’s easier to let go of the things that don’t work and not take it so personally.

Some women find it easier than others to work out which cuts work for them. If you are one of the women who find it difficult, then ask for some assistance.

Either ask a trusted friend who has a good eye to assist you or if your budget allows, hire a professional. Either way, the feel good feeling of looking good in what you wear is priceless.

Each woman is unique and what suits one will not suit another, but in this video I give you three top tips that work for all women.

For more details visit the Tracy Gold website.


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