Do you look at another woman and think to yourself,  'If only I looked like her, I’d be happy'?  So many women struggle with a poor body image, but yet we feel alone in this struggle. 

One of the things I love about presenting group workshops is, that women get to see that they are not alone in their struggle.

No matter what a women looks like, she has insecurities. In facts, sometimes a woman who you think feel fabulous about herself because she has the 'perfect' body, feel just as, if not more insecure than you do.

Women do tend to be quite competitive with one another. I'm not sure if this is our nature or if it's caused by the societal pressure to look good. 

But one thing I do know, the comparison trap starts with you and me as individuals. If I come to a place of feeling good about myself, I don't need to compare myself to others to make me feel better or worse. 

And then, the more I come to terms with my own body, the more I can encourage others to love theirs. It starts a cycle of support and upliftment rather than comparing and breaking down of our own self-esteem and that of others.

In this video, I give you a few tools to get you started on the path to loving the body you have, so that in turn, you can encourage others to do the same.

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