I’ll never forget party I attended a few years ago, where everyone was dressed the same. 

All the women wore jeans tucked into long boots and a black top and all the men wore designer jeans with open neck shirts and pointy shoes. I felt like I was back at school where we had to wear a uniform!

I find it so sad when women feel the need to all wear the same trends. We have such unique shapes and sizes, so no one trend is going to suit everyone.

I love seeing a woman’s body image improve when she sees herself in clothing that really works for her and is fashionable. It’s just about learning what works for you.

These days, there are so many trends to choose from, but the hottest trend is to create your own personal style. If you haven’t discovered your personal style yet, here are a few tips to get you there.

Select the trends you love. Some trends will suit you more than others. If the 'rock chic' look is just not you, then leave that one and embrace the 'retro 70’s' look that feels like a second skin. 

Your look should be an outer reflection of who you are, so select accordingly.

Make it your own. To avoid looking like a walking trend, use the trends you like to create your own look. You can bring in aspects of a look without wearing it in it’s entirety.

For example, if you love the feminine 1930’s look, wear a vintage lacy top with modern cut pair of jeans or vintage jewelry with a modern dress.

Change your look to suit your mood. You may need to dress a certain way for work, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a completely different look for the weekends. 

If you wear sophisticated, chic clothing for work, try funky grunge for the weekend. Why not? Use clothing to reflect the various aspects of who you are within the different roles you play.

Wear what suits your shape. No matter what look you create, wear what suits your shape. Wearing clothing that fits you well and gives you shape will to a long way to helping you love the body you have.

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