A stylish wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  With a little bit of know-how, you can create a fabulous wardrobe with just a few mix and match pieces. 

Although each woman’s ideal mix and match pieces will depend on her lifestyle, personal style and body shape, there are a few key pieces that will work for most women.  The colours, styles and way you wear it will differ from woman to woman.

1. Basic dress:  A good basic dress can be dressed up and down, suits your body shape and is comfortable to wear.  I love print dresses as they tend to disguise the eye, you won’t know what’s fabric and what’s flesh.  Yay! If you choose a plain colour dress, make sure the fabric isn’t clingy, showing every lump and bump.  You should be able to team your dress with flats for a casual look, a pair of heels for daywear or bling accessories for evening, wear it with your jacket or not.

2. A pair of jeans:  For many women, finding the perfect pair of jeans seems like mission impossible.  With the shift in the denim trends, you will find it much easier from now on. The skinny is on it’s way out and the bootleg or flare jean is in, which is much more flattering to most women’s shapes.  Make sure your perfect pair can dress up or dress down your look for maximum mix and match option. 

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3. A jacket:  Your perfect jacket colour and style will depend on your existing wardrobe.  If you are investing in a good basic jacket, make sure that it will work with most of your wardrobe, e.g. a leather jacket.  You want to be able to throw it on over anything without having to think about it.  Look out for a style that nips in the waist.  Waist definition balances your curves and gives you shape.

4. A statement piece:  This can be a top, colourful blouse, or printed skirt. It’s a piece that speaks of your personal style and makes your look unique to you.   It doesn’t matter if you wear it often and people notice, because it speaks of your style.  To get maximum wearability, make sure that your statement piece works well with the rest of your wardrobe. i.e  if your statement piece is a printed skirt, ensure that it works with your jackets and several tops in your wardrobe.

In this short video I show you how:

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