If you are anything like me, you wish your legs were longer. Luckily for me, I know how to dress in a way that makes my legs look longer than they are. Luckily for you, I’m going to tell you my secrets; and not all of them require you to wear high heels. 

Shorten your dress:

Show a little extra leg. This will make your pins look longer.  You want to keep it tasteful and comfortable, so don’t overdo it.  If you want to add even more length to your legs, wear your dress with a nude flat pump or a pair of high heels.

Wear heels:

There is no doubt that high heels do wonders to lengthen your legs, but you do need to be able to walk gracefully in them.

Finding comfortable heels is often about finding the right style for your foot. I can’t wear stilettos, but a wedge or stack heel means I can wear height without sacrificing comfort. 

Emphasise your waist:

Wear styles that nip in the waist or belt your waist for emphasis.  By doing this, you automatically make your legs look like they start from your waist. 

Baggy styles make your legs look like they start at the hem of your top or jacket.

Tuck it in:

If you have a relatively flat tummy, tuck your top into your skirt or trouser waistband. This will create the illusion that your legs start from higher up, whereas super low-slung styles will make your torso look longer and legs look shorter. 

To take this look even further, look out for high-waisted styles, but beware of baggy versions of this style.  High-waisted skirts and trousers with no shape won’t give you the desired effect.

Hems that sweep the floor:

One of my favourite tricks is to wear my trousers as long as possible, with a high heel underneath. 

If you wear bootleg or slim leg styles that cover part of your shoe, no one will ever know just how high your shoe's heel really is. 

At the same time, you don’t want your hem to be so long that it bunches. You want to create one long line, giving an illusion on length.

One colour:

Wearing one colour on the bottom will help to create a longer line. For example, wearing a black skirt, black tights and black heels will make your legs look longer. Add a pop of colour in your top and tuck it to take the look that step further.

Short shorts:

No matter what shoes you wear, short shorts will make your legs look longer than they are. This is a great casual summer look. If you are not very comfortable with the texture or colour of your legs, you can wear a pair of leggings underneath your short shorts without loosing the elongation effect.

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