You don’t need to take a big suitcase full of clothing in order to have plenty to wear.  Here are my top tips to packing light:

1. Decide on which basics you need

This will largely depend on what you will be doing on your holiday.  To save space, select items you can easily dress up or down.  For example, select a summer dress that can go over your cozy or paired with metallic flats can be worn out for dinner.

2. Select mix and match pieces

Rather than packing outfits, which will take up a lot of space, select a few items that can easily mix and match.  For example instead of packing a pair of shorts that only goes with a specific top, select tops that can be worn your shorts, jeans or a summer skirt.  

3. Minimise your shoe selection

Select two pairs of shoes that will go with everything you are packing.  To really save space, wear your bulkiest pair on the plane.

To see how these guidelines work, watch this video clip:

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