Some working environments have a casual dress code all year round while others make a day of it on Fridays. Either way, how casual can you go without looking sloppy or inappropriate?

In this video, I show you two examples of casual looks you can wear to work and tips on how to wear them.

I think it’s important to keep a certain level of professionalism even when you dress casually. You aren’t going to the beach or to a braai with friends and your look should reflect that. 

Here are a few guidelines:

Avoid wearing strappy tops especially if you have bra straps sticking out. Strappy tops lean on the side of sloppy. Either wear a jacket or top over your strappy top or opt for sleeveless tops that give your shoulders a bit more coverage.

If you wear jeans to work, select appropriate styles. This will depend on your industry and dress code, but in most cases, dark denim washes without rips and too much detail works best. You can up-style your jeans by pairing them with a tailored jacket and a top or a fitted blouse and heels.

Take the opportunity to wear something fun. If you usually wear trousers and blouses Monday to Thursday, wear a printed skirt on Casual Friday. Take the opportunity to step out of your normal into something a little more daring.  Professional doesn’t have to mean boring. 

Always dress for your body shape. Whether you are creating a casual or formal professional look, always take your body shape into account. When you dress for your body shape, you will always look good and feel confident. For more guidelines click here.

Here are some more tips on creating a professional image.

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