For years now, many women have struggled with the ‘muffin top effect’ that hipsters create. Now fashion is making it oh so easy for you to flatten your tummy and elongate your legs.  

To ensure you optimise this trend, here are tips on how to wear it for your shape:

If you have a flattish tummy:

You can wear waistbands high up into your waist and tuck your tops in. This will make your legs look oh so long.

If you have a few shapeless tops in your wardrobe, update your look by tucking them into a high-waisted garment to give them shape.

If you have a generous tummy: 

Opt for a waistband that sits on or just above your belly button and wear tops over the waistband. 

The higher waist will flatten your tummy because of the extra support. 

This will also make it much easier to wear shorter, more fitted tops. If you want to further slim your look, emphasise your waist with a wide belt.  

For both:  

• Look out for high-waisted styles with few or no pockets and detail. The cleaner the look, the less bulk you add to your waist, tummy, hips and bum.

• Avoid wearing big, baggy tops over a high-waisted item. It will make you look shapeless and bigger than you are.

To see how this works watch the video below:

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