Spring scarves are huge this season and they are super easy to wear. A spring scarf can add a bit of interest, style and fun to your look. If you are still unsure…then read on.

There are two main spring scarf trends: the printed silk scarf and the skinny scarf.

The printed silk scarf: Usually scarves are designed for warmth, but this season they are designed for style…and they can add a touch of warmth on those slightly chilly spring days. Choose a print in colours that suits your complexion so it’s super easy to wear.

The skinny scarf: This is somewhere between the width of a men’s tie and a woman’s scarf. It’s a great item to play with if you love the mix of feminine/masculine look (otherwise known as the androgynous look).

How to wear them:

1.    Tie the scarf at the side of your neck and leave to hang down your body. This is a great look if you would like to elongate your look.  Anything going down the body will draw the eye downward instead of across.

2.    Tie the scarf in front and leave to hang down your body. Once again, it’s good for elongation of your look, but make sure the scarf is light- weight so that it doesn’t add volume to your look.

3.    Wrap the scarf several times around your neck and tie to the side or front. This is a very chic way of wearing a scarf and is especially great if you don’t like fabric hanging in front of you.

To see how these work, watch the video below.

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