According to Bizcommunity, loads of Iranian women have united to create a Facebook campaign that attempts to create dialogue about the law concerning wearing hijabs in Iran.

Iranian law stipulates that all women are obligated to wear the hijab when in public.

The hijab covers the hair and chest of a woman.

Facebook page which is called Stealthy Freedoms of Women in Iran, has more than 223 000 likes so far and was created less than two weeks ago.

The page was started by Masih Alinejad, a political Iranian journalist based in London according to CTVnews
. She posted two hair-bearing pics of herself on her own Facebook profile. 

Shortly after the picture update, Masih was flooded with responses by
Iranian women doing the same thing.

The campaign’s page features plenty of pics of women rebelling against the hijab law.

The law was introduced in 1979 after the Iranian Islamic revolution.

Punishments for breaking the law range from having to pay a fine to being detained.

Here are some of the Facebook posts:

All images:

What are your thoughts surrounding the campaign?

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