Initially when I eyed this green soft cover I was met with a sense of foreboding.

I mean, why would I intend to read some soppy recollections of a bunch of pivotal first experiences written by women I don’t know, when I myself have been there and done that?

I admit, I was prejudiced, especially considering that I don’t really like the cover all that much. But then I read the first few chapters on my way home from work and was instantly hooked.

Apart from being wrong about my preconceived notions about the book, I was enthralled to the point that I actually read it one sitting. I found it to be witty, funny, relatable and most importantly... real.

I began to understand that I was not the only woman on this planet who has gone through some really challenging life experiences and in a way, this really made me feel connected to them.  It’s almost like I was being binded to them by the invisible threads that make us  all women.

And, although I tend to think of myself as not being the sentimental type this read had me sniffing uncontrollably, especially when I stumbled across My first time I experienced sexual assault.

I wanted to protect that little 12-year-old girl who was so obviously being manipulated and punish the douchebag that made her touch his penis after isolating her in such a conniving way.

It made me think of the stigma attached to rape and the silence surrounding it.

Which is why I’m so glad there’s a book like this out there. Here we have an opportunity to read a compilation of stories that not only tells of the internal struggle and triumph of a variety of women, but, at the same time, the book also conveys so many unsaid truths:

That we are not alone. That we have a sisterhood. That we can depend on each other and learn from our experiences.
I believe that this is what crossed Jen’s mind when she first conceived the idea for this book.

Don’t fret though, this read is not all ‘serious’. There are some hilarious pieces making an appearance. Like Dorothy Black’s The first time I bought a vibrator where she tries to replace her ex boyfriend’s member with a ‘luminous pink penile doppelganger’ purchased in an adult store.

Overall, It reads like a diary – it’s conversational and thought-provoking.

If you are a woman struggling with something that you feel can’t bring yourself to talk about, read this book. You will be filled with a sense of camaraderie and will get so much out of this book with advice and stories that will potentially give you the courage to face some truths about yourself.

I personally really loved it. It’s a piece that I can be add to my collection when I need reassurance that someone somewhere went through similar and relatable experiences such as I have.
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