Passion by Lauren Kate (Doubleday)
Please note: This review contains spoilers for the previous books in the Fallen series.

Before they met, Luce and fallen angel Daniel have already lived thousands of lives. Luce has died for Daniel over and over again and Daniel has waited every time for a new cycle to start all over again; one that would mean her return and one that has ultimately, always ended in tragedy.

But this time, things are different because Luce is still alive.

Determined to unlock and break the curse that dooms their love every time, Luce now finds herself visiting her past lives, in search of clues to try and understand why their love is so doomed, and to see if the love they have for each other is real.

As she journeys through different centuries and diverse times, she'll discover various clues in her unique lives – each of which could bring her one step closer to the truth and mystery of just why Luce is fated to die every time she gets too close to Daniel.

Unfortunately for her, stepping back in time doesn't come without its dangers and as the Outcasts,  Luce's angel friends and a frantic Daniel desperately chase  her through each century in order to prevent her from rewriting history. Luce will have to rely on her wits to not only find new answers, but to avoid being captured by the evil threatening their very existence.

What an incredible, exquisite read.  

I often find that book series don't necessarily get better with each new subsequent release, but with Lauren Kate's Fallen series?  I can honestly say that Passion is the best so far.

I think one of Lauren Kate's key strengths is that she knows what kind of tone to set for each book that she writes. Fallen was a little slow to start with but the gloomy setting and descriptions certainly set the tone for a more angst-ridden sequel in Torment.

With Passion, well, the title of the book really says it all. Both her writing and the book's tone are incredibly romantic, lush, evocative and beautifully descriptive. If, by  any chance you were disappointed with the previous books (I know a lot who were), Passion is the book that will change your entire opinion.

(Spoiler ahead)

In Torment, we last saw Luce jumping into an Announcer, following a messy battle between the outcasts and the angels.

(Spoiler end)

Her journey takes her to strange, exotic destinations that seem both foreign and familiar to her.

From war-torn, snow-blanketed Russia to gloomy Prussia, from London's famous Globe Theatre to Romantic Versailles (oh how magnificently she captures the panache of the fashion style of that era); Luce's journey takes her through a myriad of fantastic places.

Along the way, with the help of a strange little companion named Bill (who also has an important part to play), she views snapshots of each life that she's lived with Daniel, witnessing the joy, the terror and the tragedy of their union together.

What I loved about this book is that we get to see a real glimpse of the romantic and intense relationship between Daniel and Luce. Their romance speaks of something ancient, precious, timeless and ageless. What enhanced this even further was the rich descriptions of the settings and the wonderfully detailed historical background relating to each place Luce visits.

It's clear that Lauren Kate knows her way around research, because all that effort showcases itself throughout the entire book.  Also, readers are in for a treat as we receive some major clues as to the origin behind the curse, but you'll have to read it yourself to find out what happens.

All in all, Passion is filled with all the ingredients a girl could want in a novel: Romance, History, Lyrical writing and characters who grow from strength-to-strength with each new book in the series. It's filled with grandeur and splendour and will have you sighing at every turn of the page.

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