A six-month pregnant journalist was taken to hospital to be treated for shock after Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky ordered two male aides to "violently rape her" at a press conference in April, the Daily Mail reports.

Her crime? The journalist, Stella Dubovitskaya, had asked him a question about sanctions in Ukraine.

In the video below, Zhirinovsky, no doubt furious that anyone would question him, let alone a woman, goes on a misogynistic tirade, during which he shouts at two men, "Come here, I will say the words and you will run to her and start raping her hard."

Which he immediately follows with "Christ has risen! Has risen indeed! Now go and kiss her. Hug her, kiss, grab!" shoving one of the men towards Dubovitskaya, who backs away as the man makes to grab her. 

Zhirinovsky continues to bizarrely shout about Christ and kissing, shoving the second man towards another female journalist, before lecturing Dubovitskaya on even being there. 

"Don't stay here if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, go home."

Finally, he throws in some homophobia for good measure.

"Mind your own business, lesbian!"

Zhirinovsky has since "apologized" on Russian TV for speaking "a bit rudely when I replied to a young woman".

Unsurprisingly this non-apology (not to mention understatement of the year) has not pacified Dubovitskaya’s employer, news agency Russia Today, who plan to sue the pro-Kremlin politician.

This will not be the first person to sue Zhirinovsky over his violent threats. Politician Nikolai Gotsa sued him for 1 million rubles after a 2008 televised presidential debate, in which Zhirinovsky threatened to smash Gotsa's head and told his bodyguard to shoot him.

Zhirinovsky does, in fact, have a history of inciting and threatening violence, that also includes getting into a fistfight after a debate in 2003 and being the catalyst that began a brawl in parliament in 2005. 

Nor is this Zhirinovsky's first example of horrifying misogyny and use of rape threats as a weapon against women. In 2002, he said this about Condoleezza Rice in a video of a drunken speech about the war in Iraq: 

“She is a black whore who needs a good cock. Send her here, one of our divisions will make her happy in the barracks one night. She will choke on Russian sperm as it will be leaking out of her ears... until she crawls to the US embassy in Moscow on her knees.”

In an interview on a Russian TV program, Zhirinovsky explains that misogyny is the natural state of being for all men, "All men hate you, ladies, they hate you" explaining other men just cover their hatred with lies before giving his explanation of why men hate women.

You can watch it here. Some highlights:

 -  All crimes are women's fault.
 -  His wife isn't  happy with him as he doesn't have time to listen to her "stupid ramblings" (and yet he inflicts his idiotic ramblings on us - I do not find this fair)
 -  Women only want material things from men.
 -  Women are poisoning men.
 -  Women, especially Russian women, are worse than Hitler. (Good ol' Godwin's law)
 -  Women are harassing men in their homes.
 -  Men are all going to die because of the women.
 -  A woman with a loud voice is not acceptable, and a woman should always speak lower than a man.
 -  Men have terrible lives and it's all women's fault.

On top of being violent, homophobic and a misogynistic, he's also racist, anti-Semitic, and thinks you can solve bird flu by just shooting all the birds.

In fact, he has a lot in common with some of our more trollish commenters

All in all, it's easy to see how Zhirinovsky can calmly refer to calling for the violent sexual assault of a pregnant woman speaking "a bit rudely" towards her.

He genuinely believes women are a bane to mankind, and feels that anything he says or does to a woman can't possibly make up for the terrible horrors he's convinced himself women are inflicting on men. (In his mind nagging is ten million times worse than violently raping someone hard.) I sort-of want to shake him by the shoulders and scream "who hurt you?"

What's hard to see is how he's still in politics rather than prison. This must be why Russians need vodka.

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