Parody has never looked this good.

French stylist, Nathalie Croquet has become an internet sensation all thanks to her incredible art project titled, "SPOOF". The project consists of 11 images where Nathalie recreates famous high fashion ads that include models such as Kate Moss, Edie Campbell and actress Penélope Cruz.

Nathalie teamed up with renown photographer Daniel Schweizer to recreate the ads, but unlike the originals, her images are hardly Photoshopped. According to The Huffington Post, went viral almost immediately.

Part of what makes "SPOOF" so great is the immense detail that went into replicating the fashion ads. Everything, from the poses, facial expressions, clothes and accessories have been re-created with such detail, that it adds to the project as a whole. 

Check out the incredible images from "SPOOF" below, and follow Nathalie and Daniel on Instagram to see more of their awesome work: