For those who aren’t familiar with what culottes are, they are a pair of trousers that look and hang like a skirt. They first appeared during the Victorian era as “split or divided skirts”, allowing women to ride bikes or horses comfortably and thus be very mobile.

When it comes to culottes, you either love them or hate them. There is absolutely nothing sexy about culottes. They billow, can make your hips look bigger than they are (if pleated awkwardly); and the weird, awkward crop can result in one looking shorter. That's why heels are so important!

If you find yourself on the cusp, when it comes to culottes, my suggestion is to entertain your curiosity with a pair of classic, black culottes. Balance is absolutely key when it comes to this trouser, so pair them with something fitted on top and a pair of mules to add some height, this way you can approach the “trend” with caution and still wear it well.

thithi, fashion, culottes

These mules are everything!

thithi, fashion, culottes

thithi, fashion, culottes

thithi, fashion, culottes

The Look:

Clothing Credits: Black Cropped Turtle Neck from Witchery at Woolworths  | Black Culottes from Witchery at Woolworths | Mules from Louis Vuitton | Hair Colour by Candi & Co Salon

Photography by Keagan Kingsley Green of Gold Creatures

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