We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this and we’re very impressed. Aside from the fact that the image looks completely different from anything we’ve seen before, we also adore the magazine’s daring cover which embraced the beauty of ageing?  Sure, it may not be the model’s natural skin (great foundation does wonders) but the charcoals emphasise her wrinkles which are often hidden or Photoshopped on covers.

We’re happy that there is a magazine that realises that, yes, women do have wrinkles and they can still fabulous.  Hopefully now the rest of the industry can spare us from the usual hideous Photoshop fails and start showing off real women with flaws just like us.

The pic appears in a Vogue Paris supplement with Ford Models’ Karmen Pedaru posing with charcoal-lined eyes. The supplement was based on the theme La Sauvage (The Wild).

While we loved the cover, the folks from Jezebel disagreed: "Can we talk about how incredibly hideous the new French Vogue cover is?”

So, we leave it up to our readers to decide what you think about this Vogue Paris cover.

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Do you love or loathe it?