Work Diva by Kim Meredith (Oshun Books)
Kim Meredith peppers her book with notable quotes from exceptional people, beginning with Pablo Picasso – "There are only two types of women: goddesses and doormats."

Meredith skims over the history of women's oppression and delves into corporate issues, touching on negotiation skills, sexual harassment in the workplace and the value of mentoring. She writes as if she's giving you career tips over a light champagne breakfast but manages not to compromise on sharing her wealth of insight.

She does not deny that sexual prejudice still exists in the workplace and she writes frankly about the grit needed to rise to the top. Plus, she believes feminine wiles come in handy once in a while. "Every businesswoman needs to learn how to juggle all four entities: balls and boobs." Meredith knows what she's talking about. She is currently managing director of Spectrum Solutions, chief executive officer of The Dealmaker Programmes Company and has sat on the board of the top 300 JSE Securities Exchange-listed companies.

Whether you're just starting work, looking to rise to a higher level or just trying to maintain your game, Work Diva will guide you step by step to achieving your goals without selling your soul.

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