How many times have you packed a suitcase full of clothing and still left behind the most important things?  Packing light and having plenty to wear is an art that can be learnt.  

Here are my top 5 tips:

1.    Lay it all out
Once you have decided what you want to take with you, lay it all out on the bed. Make sure that you have selected just a few items that will easily mix and match to give you maximum wear.

This also helps to ensure you have all you need. Do you have the right underwear, stockings, accessories etc? It’s also easier to see what you don’t need and can leave behind.

2.    Choose wash and wear items
Pack items that you can easily wash in the sink and will dry quickly. Pack a small container of washing powder and you won’t have to use a laundry service or pack as many clothes.

3.    Decant your cosmetics into smaller containers
Cosmetics, shampoos etc take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Decant all you need in smaller containers and pack into a sealed cosmetic bag. Keep this to the minimum. Make use of two in one makeup products to maximise space and convenience.

4.    Make sure you have your essentials
Always give some thought to what you will need. If you travel regularly, make a checklist to make packing quick and easy.

5.    One handbag that goes with everything
Packing an additional handbag will take up much needed space. Rather select one handbag that will go with everything you are taking with you in the perfect size for your travel essentials.

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