Budget South African fashion retailer Jet Fashion has just launched their Valentine's Day campaign. And it is exquisite. South African women of all walks of life, sizes and ethnicities were brought together for the #JetLoveYourself lingerie campaign. Artist Yoliswa Mqoco and our very own contributor Meg de Jong feature among this group of stunners.

A far cry from most lingerie ads (think Victoria's Secret), Jet fashion has everyone talking on social media, praising this refreshing change of pace. Very similar to the famous Dove Real Beauty campaign, Jet's latest ad campaign advocated love for one's body, no matter your size. With some ad agencies now vowing to take a different approach to advertising, i.e. not portraying women solely as objects; we are finally seeing women front and center, powerful and real.

We are all so much more than our bodies. We are feminists, artists, mothers, friends, lovers, lawyers, writers.

This campaign encourages women everywhere to love and take care of their bodies, no matter what size they are at. We are all desirable, and should treat ourselves with love, instead of punishing ourselves for what we are not. We are all perfect in our very own way.

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Image: Facebook

Watch the campaign video here: