This Argentinian teenager has been dubbed the real-life Rapunzel.

Abril Lorenzatti (17) has entered the record books as having the longest hair for a teenager. It measures a staggering 1,52m long and hangs almost to her ankles.

The teen, who’s from Cordoba in Argentina, says she’s been growing her hair since the age of seven and refused to let her mom trim it.  

Abril reveals that she once cut her hair like the lead character in the movie Matilda, but immediately hated it and regretted her decision.


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Since then, the 17-year-old vowed to never cut her hair again and has impressively stuck to her word for the last decade.

“I didn’t like it and decided to let it grow and never cut it again,” Abril says.

To keep her luscious brunette locks in tip-top shape, Abril washes and conditions her hair daily. Her mom then brushes her hair and leaves it to air dry.

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The teen admits that she struggles when it’s an extremely windy day or if she accidentally steps on the ends of her hair while climbing stairs.

She’s extremely grateful and honoured to have set the world record for the longest hair. 

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“It’s very exciting because I didn’t think until recently that my hair could be considered for such an important recognition,” she says.  

“This experience has left me with a beautiful memory and the satisfaction of being part of Guinness World Records.

“I’m extremely grateful for this great honour.”

Source: Magazine Features