A few years ago PopSugar gave us a headline which asked the same question we'd all been thinking; "How many ways can Lupita Nyong'o style two inches of hair?"


With no more than just five centimeters of hair, her hairstylist has always managed to do more with her mini mane than what some of us can do with waist-length box braids.

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And now this Hollywood darling has let her haircut-of-many-possibilities grow out into a 'fro the internet is absolutely besotted with.

Here are 7 style moments she's owned with her petite 'fro: 

A still from her shoot for Parade magazine, USA.

At the 8th Annual Governors' Awards in November 2016.

Rocking a winning updo to collect her ELLE Women in Hollywood award.

Yep, her hair team still has wizardly dexterity running through their fingers.

Some slicked-back glam for the 2017 Met Gala.

Wearing this spectacular dress by a South African fashion brand, Selfi. See the Instagram page here.

Casual chic while addressing an audience at the Women of the World (WOW) Festival. Only Lupita can.

Images: Getty