From sand art hair to the tortoiseshell-inspired hair, we’ve seen them all in recent years. And we seriously love them all (especially the really colourful ones).

But there’s yet another new trend that will have you running to the salon. Mermaid hair. Hoorah!

Hair visionary KL Christoffersen has now created a new technique of hair colouring to make you resemble a mermaid. The technique is known as fluid hair painting.

We advise against trying this at home and seeing a licensed professional  instead. According to Christoffersen, there is a lot more that goes into this dying-technique than just slapping colour onto the hair.

According to Buzzfeed, the method of creating this mermaid-inspired hair is created by hand-painting different sections of the hair on a flat surface.  

It's really quite memorising...

Check out this great video to see how it’s done:

The internet has gone crazy for this look too:

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Tell us: If you could have any celeb hairstyle, whose would you choose and tell us why?

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