We all have our favourites when it comes to beauty products, however one group of items I can never truly get enough of is makeup brushes.

From the pretty-to-look-at ones to the ones you willingly put through their paces, I believe there is a brush for almost any look you try.

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The foundation brush

There are a select few brushes I enjoy using for foundation so when it comes to laying down my favourite base, I reach for my holy grail Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It’s been this way for a while (i.e. my co-dependent relationship with it).

I love the fact that the fibers of the brush are tightly packed which means effortlessly blending and a smooth build-up of coverage. I always recommend it for foundations that aim to mattify.

Such foundations often dry a lot quicker so a brush like this is ideal to buff product in more efficiently.

The shading brush 

Most of the eyeshadow looks I opt for are relatively simple. Most involve 2 – 3 colours, carefully blended into what I deem my signature eye makeup look.

The tool I feel is most important is my shading brush – more specifically the brush I use to blend out my crease and transition colours.

For this, I once again enjoy using a Real Techniques creation. It actually forms part of the Enhance Your Eyes Kit and is perfectly tapered to allow access into your crease and blend.

While these are just two of my favourites, in my latest YouTube video, I discuss and demonstrate these and more of my most loved brushes. You can watch it below:

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