Meet the patron saint of youth: St. Makeupstina.

After plunging deep into the information well of the fountain of youth, I felt myself bombarded with anti-ageing tips like: whiten your teeth, have more sex, do more exercise, indulge in (voluntary) intermittent fasting (um, won’t) and use retinoid creams. I realised that, no, I actually prefer makeup.

I believe in the transformative capabilities of makeup, and am now passing the brush to you:
1.    More is less

Rather use a light-weight foundation, BB or CC cream instead of caking on primer, foundation, concealer and contouring your face to look like a sunset, unless you have serious skin issues you’d rather hide. Layers of makeup tend to scream: ageing starlet!


Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation, Blur & Nourish, R220. It blurs imperfections and nourishes skin with hydration.

2.    Contour your pout

Marie Claire suggests creating a cheeky fake shadow on your bottom lip in order to make them appear plumper.  A product like Benefit’s Hoola, R345, (bronzing powder) can be used to shade right below your lower lip line. This will create instant volume.

3.    Blush suggests using a cream blush on ageing skin as it is more forgiving on fine lines.

Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge, R390.

Flushed cheeks are both the signature of Cinderella and Miley Cyrus. And they are both young. So, case in point.

Image: Getty

4.    Highlight the right areas of your face

Strobing or highlighting can actually make you look older. Thus be sure to only apply it down your nose, onto your Cupid’s Bow, in the centre of your chin and over the cheekbones. Avoid the area next to your eyes as this will highlight crow’s feet. Caw caw!

Buzzfeed stresses the need to add a bronze shadow when highlighting. Use this darker shade in the hollows of your cheekbones to add some definition.

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