We loved Jeremy Scott's collection but the thing that got us most excited about it, was the nail art he showcased.

Nail artist, Miss Pop worked with Essie to create the nail looks and her brilliant team finished 42 sets of 24 nails, taking an hour for each set.

She reintroduced us to "orbit nails" which some may know as outline nails. They're not exactly a look for nail art beginners as application involves drawing a precise straight line around the edge of your nails. One pesky hand tremor (it happens to the best of us) and you have to start all over again.

But if you don't have the budget to book a manicurist, don't let the trend overwhelm you.

Pop has a pro tip for you: Paint your entire nail the one bold color you'd want as the outline. Then take an opaque shade that you'd consider to be your nude, and recreate that inner shape of the nail just by doing two rounded strokes within the nail. That's much easier than slowly outlining your entire nail.

Check out a few of the looks:

A bright cobalt blue shade like this one provides a great little burst of colour.

Red nails are always going to be a classic look, and by using a bright coral red just on the outline can give it that NYFW twist.
The orbit outline here was a purple-pink shade that matched perfectly with Jeremy Scott's "Revolt" bags.
We are living for this aesthetic.

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For a look more subtle than bright red or blue, opt for turquoise.

Check out this simple tutorial on outlining nails so you can rock this latest trend: 

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