There's no better time to wear glitter than the month of December. I mean, this season is all about dazzle.

So get ready to sparkle (literally) this party season with our new favourite beauty trend - glitter lips!

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This trend was first seen on the runway at the Versace show during Paris Couture Fashion Week week in July when makeup artist Pat McGrath teased the audience with her Lust 004 lip kit - which became a massive sensation.

So it was just a matter of time for more designers to pick it up and send their models down the runway with sparkly lips.

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Here’s how you can achieve glitter lips:

You will need:

Any lipstick of your choice

Fine, makeup grade glitter

A cotton swab

 What to do:

1. Apply your lipstick

2. Take your cotton swab and twirl it in your makeup grade glitter

3. Pat glitter onto the lips and make sure you cover every inch

4. Press lips together to ensure the glitter is spread all over the lip - and voila! You have been dazzled!

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