I have loved beauty products for as long as I can remember. While I enjoyed dressing up my barbie dolls, I enjoyed putting my mom's lipstick on their plastic faces even more. My tiny purse from Claire's was filled with sparkly lipglosses, cheap pink nail polish and used bright eye shadows I got from my mom that I used on both my cheeks and eyes.

As my love for beauty products grew so did my knack for misplacing them. However when I misplace a beauty product, I never forget. I've had lost lipsticks keep me up at night. I'll always keep hoping that I'll find them in one of my clubbing purses or hidden under a pile of clothes in my cupboard. Of course, if I truly need a product, I'll immediately go out and just get a new one. 

Here are a few love letters to all the makeup and skincare products I've loved before and subsequently lost. Starting from primary school, high school to university and currently. 

Strawberry Labello lip balm

This was definitely the first beauty product that stole my heart in primary school. Since I was not allowed to use lipstick, this was the closest substitute for red lips and I would keep applying until it was red enough as my mom's Revlon lips. It smelled so good that I often found myself licking it all off.

It was truly a great lip balm and still is actually. I remember taking it with me to a family function and never seeing it again. I haven't bought a Strawberry Labello since though. Lately I stick to their hydrocare one.   

Revlon eyeliner pencil

I went to a high school where makeup of any kind was forbidden. However, I still managed to sneakily wear eyeliner everyday starting in Grade 9. It was a staple of mine and I refused to leave the house without it on.

I was obsessed with how it made my eyes pop. At this point I was not aware of concealers and needed something to give my face a boost considering how early I woke up for school. The last time I used it was in high school. I had taken it with me to class and once I got home I realised I had lost it. I have since stopped using eye pencil completely and upgraded to liquid eyeliner. 

Garnier BB cream

I fell in love with this product in high school. I discovered it at Clicks and had no idea how it would change my life. Firstly because it was super easy to apply, secondly, it completely covered up those annoying teenage spots I was dealing with. I stayed up late watching Gossip Girl most school nights so this BB cream came in handy in the morning to cover up those dark circles under my eyes. 

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Losing my BB cream was a nightmare, I took it with me on a camp (by this point I was using it everyday) and when I got home, realised I had left it behind. I do, however, continue to use this corrector when I do not feel like wearing a foundation and it still works like a charm! 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious mascara

I only discovered the wonders of a good mascara at university. I know, do not judge. Before Maybelline's mascara came into my life, I had just been using my sister and mom's mascaras. However, once I finally bought my own, my eyes opened, literally. A tube made me feel like I had my life together which was certainly not the case for me at university. 

This mascara did not deserve to live so long behind my dresser. Obviously I continued to use it once I recovered it and wiped some dust off. 

L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream

L'Occitane en Provence has been my favourite for hand and face creams ever since my sister bought a few products for me when I started university. The formula for their products are so creamy and delicious smelling, it's hard to resist. 

While I use quite a few of their products, the Shea butter hand cream remains a true love. So naturally, I had to misplace the very first tube I ever received. Luckily, now I always stock up on them, but I am still hoping that my first one will turn up someday. Emotional attachment and all that. 

NYX Born To Glow liquid illuminator 

After discovering concealer and primer, I thought I had perfected my everyday makeup look at university until I realised something was missing. I wanted that glow that every girl seemed to have on campus. A friend introduced me to the NYX highlighter and I immediately became obsessed. 

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Everything was going great until one day I couldn't find my gold elixir. I looked everywhere imaginable. Jacket, jean and bag pockets, but could not find it. I eventually bought another one and months later my old one turned up. Turns out it was stuck in the lining of one of my bags - that part of your bag you never want to go into.

Totally worth it though. 

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