Mistake 6: lip liner competing with lipstick
This is probably one of the commonest make-up mistakes: too-dark lip liner contrasting with lighter-coloured lipstick. Lip liner has many advantages – it prevents lipstick from 'bleeding ' and helps it last longer – but it must be applied correctly.

Our solution: Choose lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick – especially if it is a dark colour. Otherwise, choose one that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour. Apply it over the entire lip area before applying lipstick or gloss, as this will prevent you ending the day with a line around your mouth.

Mistake 7: the wrong hair colour
Have you ever bought home hair colorant because the colour looked good on the model on the front of the box, only to end up with something quite different? The reason is simple: chances are your natural hair colour is not the same as that of the model, which is why you end up with a different colour.

Our solution: Always check the colour guidelines on the packaging to find out what result you might expect. If you have your hair coloured professionally, first discuss it with the colourist and look at a colour chart together so that you know exactly what the resulting colour will be.

Mistake 8: end-of-the-day make-up
Check your eyeshadow regularly. Because of the natural oils protecting the eye area, shadow tends to smudge, especially if it is cream-based. Foundation can also appear streaky during the day as a result of an oily T-panel or perspiration.

Our solution: Apply foundation to the eye area followed by powder to set it before applying powder eyeshadow. Restrict cream shadow to the eyebrow area. Set foundation with loose powder.

Mistake 9: neglected hands and feet
Well-cared-for hands and feet neatly round off your appearance and, with little expense and effort, are within everyone's reach. Neglected hands and nails, or cracked heels can ruin your entire appearance.

Our solution: Apply hand cream regularly – keep a tube in your handbag and at every tap in your home. Prevent cracked heels by regularly applying moisturising cream to your feet and buffing hardened skin. Give regular attention to your fingernails and toenails, or have a regular manicure and pedicure.

Mistake 10: no hairstyle
A hastily tied ponytail, hair clipped to the top or sides of your head, or scraped back with an elasticised headband are temporary solutions for a visit to the gym or for working in the garden, but cannot be called a hairstyle.

Our solution: Visit the hairdresser at least every two months for a good haircut – it can transform your appearance and crown a well-groomed face and body.

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