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Superficial as it is, we constantly evaluate others based on their physicality.

We spend large amounts of money on beauty and skincare products and hair and clothing, often to present our "best self" to the world. Usually in the hopes of finding someone who would be interested in us. We focus on our looks to be the thing that often attracts that partner.

On Tinder we judge and swipe right based on looks and comments like “she must be in it for the money” goes flying when onlookers see a beautiful woman walking hand in hand with an average looking oke. And when it came to light that new French president, Emmanuel Macron, is married to a woman who is more than two decades older than him, we heard bigoted remarks like “why is such a handsome man with such a granny” and other similar disturbing lines of thought.

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The Huffington Post recently reported on a story where Jasmine “Jazzy” Owens (@a_body_positive_jazzy) Instagrammed a bathing suit pic of her and her husband, Keenan strolling on the beach, and her caption said it all:

When I saw this couple’s bathing suit Instagram picture go viral, I was immediate filled with hope.

Not hope for couples with disproportionate levels of attractiveness finding each other, but hope for humanity. It went viral because people agreed: people liked it and it resonated with people in some positive way. By going viral it broke down so many barriers.

We are never out of someone’s league and they are never out of ours based purely on looks. Attractiveness is so subjective, yet we’ve been tricked for years into believing there is a perfect kind of beauty.

Personal taste is often disregarded for conformity in a world where we are all trying to be unique, yet feel pressured into being the same.

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There is no telling why two people connect. The spark and love experienced by two people is just that, theirs. It can therefore not ever be truly defined by those around them, as those around them are not part of that twosome.