Depending on your living situation and your cultural upbringing, as a bride you'll most likely have trousseau. By definition this Victorian tradition includes possessions, such as clothing and linens that a bride assembles for her marriage.

Back in the days of old, brides were given cedar chests filled with frilled and embroidered nightgowns, linens and clothes for her first year of marriage.

But it's 2009, wood is expensive and who really wants frills? So here's our top 5 things to include in your modern trousseau.


So you've been sleeping alone for the last 23 years of your life and only have single sheets, duvets and own all of 4 pillowcases. Now you'll be sharing a bed with someone who takes up 3/4 of the space and you'll need something to fit that 4 poster king size bed. Include a few white flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillow cases as well as at least 2 everyday duvet sets. In the Muslim tradition your bedroom gets dressed in all it's finest so you'll have at least two sets of duvet covers.


You can never have too many towels in a new house with a man who uses at least 3 a day. It's nice to have two of them monogrammed with your new initials. Don't forget to include a set of beach towels for the honeymoon.


It's your first morning as a Mrs. and you'd love a cup of coffee after the celebration of the day before. So make sure you have informal cutlery and crockery so you don't have to go scratching through your presents. It's more than likely that you will receive a formal set from a family member or friend.

Kitchen Couture

This will include all the little things that you didn't think of but that your mother did. These are the things kitchen teas are made of. If you're not having one, then you'll need to remember to get kitchen utensils such as a potato peeler, whisk, can opener etc.


Spending your first night in your comfy sleep shirt that you've had since you were 18 really isn't an option when you're a newly wed. So get a slinky chemise and a few pieces of sexy lingerie for the special occasion.

Just remember, no matter what you include in your trousseau, the most important thing you can bring to your marriage is love, communication and understanding.

What have you included in your trousseau? Or do you think it's an outdated tradition?