Over the decades royal weddings have often been strictly traditional – adhering to codes and protocol befitting to their station and rules.

But times, they are a changing, and with William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, having already paved the way for folk to have a more modern outlook on the monarchy, we can’t help but look forward to seeing how the current darlings of the royal world will upend (okay, perhaps not upend, but certainly change) the system.

And actually, we’ve already been treated to some rules being broken from Meghan in terms of fashion do’s and don’ts – and she hasn’t suffered for it – so it only stands to reason that this modern couple will have quite a lot of personal input in their wedding.

Here are the reported ways in which they’re changing (both subtly and not so subtly) up their wedding and putting a modern twist that already have people talking:

They’re set to have a black American bishop delivering an address

In what seems to be an unprecedented move, Prince Harry and Meagan, are according to Refinery29, inviting Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, a black American Pastor to deliver the address at the wedding.

Why is it so significant? Many see it as a political move. It’s no secret that as a rule, Royals have always shied away from political allegiance to a specific cause (the closest we saw was Kate Middleton breaking protocol by wearing an olive green dress with a black sash in a subtle show of support  for the #TimesUp movement), but are Prince Harry and Meagan deviating from that?

The reverend has been involved in causes relating to immigration policies and marriage equality.

So even though they aren’t inviting political leaders (UK and international) to the wedding, we can’t help but think that this gives us just a brief glimpse into which way their hearts lie. As a side note - not inviting these leaders, I think has also saved them from having to invite Trump.

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Guests can tuck into fare from food and ice cream trucks

How fun?! And here I thought royals were all sorts of formal and stuffy.

Although we don’t doubt for a second that their main wedding menu will be an elaborate formal affair meant to make mouths water and dazzle the tastebuds, it’s been said that the lovebirds will be going full on hipster millennial with food trucks for the after dinner party.

According to Foodnetwork.com, these trucks are set to be present at the reception and rumour has it that American grilled foods are firm favourites set to be on the list.

Imagine The Queen eating tacos and indulging in a soft serve cone? Either way, this definitely adds an extra dimension that screams young at heart. We stan a hip royal couple.

Meghan will have an opportunity to share her sentiments

This is practically unheard of at royal weddings, but according to People.com, it’s rumoured that Meghan is set to give a speech on her big day.

Tradition for both royal and non-royal weddings alike see that it's more common for the husband to give a speech on the day. But sexist traditions are well and truly making way for new ones and often see both bride and groom preparing a speech.

Apparently Meghan wants to use the opportunity to not just pay tribute to Prince Harry, but also to thank Queen Elizabeth for hosting the wedding.

We’re actually not all that surprised that she wants to turn the tables upside down since the actress is a feminist who has frequently spoken up about gender equality before

It’s also noted that a big part of the speech is because the couple really want to have a wedding that is not only fun, but reflects and represents their respective personalities.

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They’re ditching the royal wedding fruitcake tradition

Peonies coming soon...

A post shared by Violet By Claire Ptak (@violetcakeslondon) on

I’m absurdly happy about this because I have an absolute hate relationship with fruitcake in general. Cherries and raisins don’t belong in cake. They don’t belong in your mouth. Basically they don’t belong anywhere.

Sorry, not sorry.

According to The Independent.co.uk, the Prince Harry and Meghan wanted something that would remind them of the bright flavours of spring, which is why they’re opting for a lemon elderflower cake which is set to be made by Claire Ptak, owner of London-based bakery Violet Cakes.

Harpers Bazaar notes that the cake will break away from the tiered tradition and will incorporate the bright flowers of spring and be covered with buttercream icing.

We can’t wait to see it – if you want a glimpse of Claire’s style, visit her instagram feed. It’s filled with all manner of delicious goodness.

Walking down the aisle? Will Megan’s mom be doing the honours?

By now you would have heard about all the drama that’s been surrounding Meghan’s father who was initially set to walk her down the aisle.

In terms of royal protocol, it’s customary for brides to walk down the aisle with their father, but considering that Meghan’s father has come forward and admitted he sold staged photos of himself preparing for the wedding to paparazzi, and given that he is, according to Channel24, set to undergo heart surgery due to the added stress he’s recently been facing by the media, it seems unlikely that he’ll be at the wedding to walk her down the aisle.

So will her mom step in? We certainly think they’d look so lovely together.

The two are reportedly quite close, and given that Meghan’s days have been filled with so much drama from her father and stepsiblings’ side lately, we reckon that it’s only fair that she gets to not only have the wedding of her dreams, but also one that sets a new standard for old traditions.

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