This is what happens when your wedding skirt is too long

No bride wants to suffer the indignity of experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.

Yet this is exactly what happened when this bride, while walking down the aisle with her then husband-to-be, tripped over her own wedding skirt.

Not only did the skirt slipped down, but she struggled so badly to regain her balance, that she ended up removing the skirt and quickly walked away in nothing but her corset, knickers and garter stockings.

Poor thing! 

Photoshoots near any body of water is almost always never a good idea.

I mean, really.  Anyone who does what this bridal group has decided to do in the video below, is begging to be trolled by water. You can't watch this without thinking that they had this coming to them. 

Don't play wedding games that involve running

...Especially if means supporting someone else's weight.  Oh and if you can't aim properly, you should probably *sit* this one out too. 

No, the wedding cake does not need its own entrance.

I don't know about you, but when it comes to wedding receptions, I've always thought that having the cake already on the table before the guests arrived was the safest way to go.

Apparently, the folk in this video thought differently.  

Not only do they allow the most uncoordinated people in the room to carry the (already skew) cake, but the distance they have to walk ensures that wobbly-hand-syndrome kicks in, causing said confectionary to  fall to the ground.

P.S. Using your mouth to try and prevent the crash doesn't work.  

An oldie, but goodie.

There’s always that one guest at a wedding that will get so drunk, that they’ll not only fall and flail about all over the place, but they’ll somehow also manage trash the entire place.

Case in point, the drunken lady in red who decided that a twirl around the pole in the gazebo would be oh-so-fun.

Of course, what she wasn’t anticipating was the fact that her uninhibited dancing would result in the whole tent collapsing.

Undoubtedly hilarious, but we suspect that she won't be getting any more wedding invites anytime soon.  


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