This incredible mom-of-two proves that body positivity really does come from within – after refusing to conceal her birthmark that covers half of her right cheek.

Ferrin Roy, from Louisiana in the US, is encouraging others to embrace their differences with her self-help book, The Mark She Kept, which details her journey of self-acceptance.

The 30-year-old, who only noticed the mark when she was nine, refused to cover up her 10-cm birthmark despite receiving plenty of nasty comments about it in the past.

Shockingly, her decision to show the mark on her wedding day also raised eyebrows – but Ferrin was having none of it.

“I never covered it and never will, I love answering questions about it and I just feel so good,” Ferrin told Daily Mail.

Even though the gorgeous mom says she wasn’t bullied at school, Ferrin was often on the receiving end of unkind remarks and stares from strangers in the street.

“Some people would squint their eyes, ask if it was paint, inquired about removal and also several people have asked to touch it,” says Ferrin.

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But the mental health counsellor, who admits to always feeling confident when looking at herself in the mirror, says she never lets the opinions of others get her down.

She hopes to inspire others to adopt the same attitude.

“My birthmark is not only raising awareness but it’s helping others embrace their uniqueness.

“My advice is to focus on self-love instead of searching for love from others. Once you accept who you are, others will have no choice but to accept you,” she says.

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