What was meant to be a joyful moment for the totally smitten couple turned out to be an utter nightmare!

Seth Dixon, an Uber driver, decided to pop the big question to his girlfriend of four years, Ruth, at the couple’s favourite spot in Loose Park in Kansas City, US.

But things didn’t go exactly as planned…

Footage taken by the couple’s friend on Saturday 9 September, shows Seth going down on one knee while gazing into the eyes of the love of his life.

He then opens the little black box but to his surprise, the ring falls out of the box, through a space between the wooden slats of the bridge they’re standing on, and straight into the water below.

“It ping-ponged from one plank to another. You could hear a little plop,” Ruth later told the Kansas City Star.

The couple’s pals quickly grabbed their goggles and searched for the $3000 (R39 000) diamond engagement ring but had no luck finding it.

The next morning the couple who still had hope that they’d find the ring, went back to the lake – this time with a metal detector they’d hired on the internet.

After a long and tedious search, Seth failed to find the expensive ring.

The newly engaged couple’s friends have set up a crowdfunding page to raise money to replace the lost jewellery piece. 

"After a long, hard search all the divers came up empty handed. The couple left with no ring in hand but a heart full of love and memories to last a lifetime,” friends said on the couples GoFundMe page.  

Seth is still paying off installments on the lost ring, but the pair is due to get married next month – even after the big commotion!

“It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, to be honest,” says Ruth. “But I know God will work everything out.”

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