For many modern brides, the choice to wear a veil depends on your choice of gown and your own personality- and not on whether you want to be unveiled at the alter or not.

“If you do choose to use this accessory to compliment your overall appearance on your big day, there are some guidelines you should follow in your search for the perfect veil”, explains Lani Butler of Lady Marmalaide Collection.

Choosing the perfect veil
For a start, the more elaborate your gown, the less likely you should wear a veil; keep it simple!

Whereas if your dress is more plain, add a veil with subtle detail such as glass beads, pearls or crystals to compliment your look.

“Lace veils are very popular for brides with a classic style and simple gown, and soft lace adds a romantic touch too” says Lani. It is also popular for a bride to mirror the style of the fabric and beading on her gown onto the veil for a classic and symmetric look.

Modern veil trends
For a more modern look, brides can look to the bridal trends for 2011, where 3D effects on veils are growing in popularity. Feathers, flowers and layers of soft fabrics give life and movement to the overall bridal look.

With 2011 trends also focusing on the back of the gown, you may want to consider not wearing a veil for the sake of showing off your back and detail on the gown.

Brides who are fond of the vintage look will be glad to know that the birdcage is back! Combine this “veil” with pearl accessories and lace or silk gloves.

Spruce up the colour of the netting or the entire birdcage- using a similar colour to your bridesmaids’ dresses, or even adding a touch of that colour to your own gown- but again, keep it subtle with soft romantic pastels.

What to consider when choosing a veil
“Apart from aesthetics, there are also the practical elements to consider”, Lani goes on to explain. “Do not choose a veil length that ends exactly where your bodice begins, especially if you are wanting to show off your waistline, as this will figuratively ‘cut you in half’ “.

Finally, remember that you will spend most of your day in your gown and will most likely remove your veil after you have said ‘I do’.

“So use your veil to create a feminine, elegant style - don’t overdo it for the sake of wearing a veil!

"You can always opt for a single tier veil to have the look and feel of a veil, but not to look over the top- this can also be put more to the back of your head and you can show off your lovely hairdo, instead of the full two tier veil that will frame your face in a traditional look”.

The choice to wear a veil in today’s wedding ceremonies is entirely a personal decision.  If you do decide to wear a veil at your wedding, it is important to choose one that suits your features and gown choice best.

Are you planning on wearing a veil?  And if so, have you found the perfect veil yet? Share your recommendations with fellow brides-to-be in the comment box below.

With the help of a bridal shop consultant or someone who has a good eye for fashion, the best way to find out is to try on as many veils as you can when you are fitting your wedding gown. This way, when your husband lifts your veil to offer the first kiss as Mr. and Mrs., you will relish in the joy of being ‘unveiled’.

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