Yes, Solange Knowles taught modern-day brides to keep things more natural - and we love her for it!

This year we are encouraging, nay demanding, a fresh take on bridal beauty and hair. Year after year, we see the same up-dos and all those hard curls! No. Just no. It's old-fashioned and sometimes it actually hides your natural beauty.

When Solange Knowles got married last year, and her entire wedding was featured on sis Beyoncé's Instagram account, we swooned. We loved her fresh, clean-cut approach to bridal make-up and hair so much. Her hair was natural and her pout red. What more do you need?

Less is more brides and subtle is always chic. Focus on one part of your face, be it the eyes, the cheeks, the brows or the lips. Don't overdo it!

Here are 10 fantastic beauty suggestions for you special day. And we promise, you will look beautiful - and also a bit like a lovely forest nymph...