Books for Living by Will Schwalbe (This UK edition was first published in 2017 by Two Roads)
When someone recommends a book, they give you access to a piece of their heart. In this quick and friendly read, Will Schwalbe takes a moment to look over his life’s bookshelves and pull out favourites, just like a friend does when you visit.

His choices vary wildly, from childhood favourites like Stuart Little and The Little Prince, to classics like The Odyssey and David Copperfield. More personal choices round out the list, with all the true delight in a broad range of reading that only a true bibliophile will share.

In one chapter he describes how the local librarian would put out books she felt he would connect with – without too much comment offering him a reading path that he followed with gratitude and glee.

“It would certainly be too dramatic to say that the books Miss Locke left for me saved my life. But it has become clearer that these books helped me create a vision of a life I could look forward to with something other than dread.”

Books for Living is the written equivalent – a varied selection, one book leading to another and each bringing some sort of life lesson. You’re sure to come away with a few more Must Read items to add to your list.

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Watch Will chat at an Open Book event about why we need to read and be readers now more than ever at the Penguin Random House offices.