The story follows Elena, a young, popular girl who is truly obsessed with Star Wars. Due to her popularity, the other Star Wars fans think that she is just jumping on the bandwagon. 

She decides to get in the queue days before the new movie will be released at their local cinema. The queue is a lot shorter than she imagined. She expected crowds, cosplay and people quoting Star Wars constantly.

Instead, she is faced with two other people, an older man who has been first in line for every Star Wars release and a teenager, around her age, who seems very antisocial. 

She is disappointed at the lack of dedication from other Star Wars fans, however, spending days and nights with just two other people can lead to some interesting connections. 

If you have read any of Rainbow Rowell’s novels, this one will feel familiar. The writing flows as though you these were your thoughts. As a fangirl, I could relate to every single thing.

If you have stood in a queue, you know this to be true. She has a way of making it feel okay to be different, to be open about what you love without fearing the judgement of others. 

Within an hour you would have started and ended this short journey with Elena and it would leave you smiling, even though your heart would be aching for more.

You don’t only fall in love with Elena, but you are Elena, you experience the queue with her. 
It is a perfect read for any member of the family. 

If you have read this and enjoyed it, I would highly recommend some of her other novels, especially Fangirl, which feels like the older sister to Kindred Spirits.  

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