A lot of celeb news sites and magazines never really give us the full scoop on celebrity pregnancies, breakups, deaths and career hiatuses. They often report just enough to satisfy our curiosity with carefully worded facts and speculations.

Understandably so.

Just because celebrities have jobs which put them in the public eye does not mean they are not entitled to their privacy. 

But every now and then, you get fans (or haters) who find the most ludicrous, yet fascinating ways to fill in the blanks about the private lives of some of the household names whose antics we follow.

Enter conspiracy theories - elaborate simplifications of any covert or unexplained behaviours and phenomena. It's like investigative journalism, but without actual verified facts. More like... alternative facts. Very well thought out alternative facts.

The New World Order/Illuminati conspiracy theories have been deemed the most popular conspiracy theories of all time in this conspiracies.net Top 10 list

Those theorists wanted us to doubt the fact that Beyoncé is the "greatest artist of all time!" (just to paraphrase Kanye's mic-snatch moment) with all that talk of Satanic symbols in her music videos.

Well, excuse me while I go roll my eyes all the way back to 2011.

But there have been less cult-oriented conspiracy theories over the years and by the time you're done reading these, you'll probably be convinced that the Illuminati conspiracy theorists are just a bunch of Petty Patricias.

Beyoncé has already given birth to the twins

[Them] haters corny with that Illuminati mess... and that surrogacy mess and that fake baby bump mess and armpit birth mess and and and...

Yep, this is but one of the numerous speculations around King Bey's womb activity. 

A few years before Blue Ivy's birth, the star who blessed us with Lemonade miscarried in the very early stages of her pregnancy - an unfortunate event which she recalls to be "the saddest thing [she's] ever been through," Daily Mail reported in 2013.

And yes, she did also open up about this in her HBO documentary special, Life is but a Dream.

Fast forward to 2017 and the Carters are expecting again, giving us the perfect excuse to live out our maternal dreams vicariously through Beyoncé.

But apparently she's a few steps ahead of us. Naturally.

The likes of Man Repeller and Lisptickalley.com seem to think Beyoncé has already given birth based on an Instagram post she made on Memorial Day, where she doesn't look as heavily pregnant as she does in pictures such as the one above.

But she could have easily just posted a picture that's been chilling in her camera roll for weeks. Duh.

So until the queen posts pictures of her newborn twins, announcing that the wait is over, we are all still pregnant.

Avril Lavigne is totes dead

And a doppelgänger has replaced her, so there's a possibility that this picture of "Avril" taken in 2016 may actually be a picture of Melissa Vandella.

According to Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed's Ryan Broderick unearthed this conspiracy theory when he stumbled upon a blog called "Avril is dead" in 2015.

And ever since then a rather convincing timeline has resurfaced on the internet indicating that it all started when the Sk8er girl felt overwhelmed by fame as well as her grandfather's death, which resulted in her allegedly taking her own life.

She was then apparently replaced by a lesser known actress, Melissa Vandella, to be the face of her budding music career.

Teen Vogue goes on to state how the assumption which sparked the conspiracy theory is actually a rather problematic one, as it makes unfounded claims about Avril's mental health. 

And as plausible as the events of this conspiracy theory are, I couldn't agree more with Teen Vogue - you can't simply draw your own conclusions about someone else's mental health and just run with it, whether they're a celebrity or not.

But I'm also pretty sure it's all in good humour with no intention to harm.

So it's true then that on the 8th day God said "Let there be Morgan Freeman" and he's been on earth since the beginning of time?

Stevie Wonder can actually see

Because apparently the other four senses of blind people aren't usually heightened. And why would someone fake a disability just for funzies and attention??

The Business Insider reported that this conspiracy theory gained momentum through things such as Wonder picking up a falling microphone and the fact that he enjoys going to basketball games, which are not mute events by the way (in case you were about to ask how he knows what's going on in the games.)

Methinks this one is pretty offensive and insensitive. This iconic musician was born blind and I'm not trying to earn myself a VIP pass to hell by entertaining this one.

Morgan Freeman has been a grown man his entire life

The award-winning actor even admitted in an interview with Global Grind that he doesn't have baby pictures or any pictures of him as a little boy. 

In the interview he also said he doesn't recall ever being a baby. 

So it's true then that on the 8th day God said "Let there be Morgan Freeman" and he's been on Earth since the beginning of time? Which would explain why he is the omniscient narrator of pretty much anything profound you've ever watched.

Amy Winehouse's death was a blood sacrifice

Are we even surprised that conspiracy theorists had something to say about the passing of Amy Winehouse?

The British singer with haunting, soulful vocals died at the age of 27 in 2011 from alcohol poisoning after battling drug addiction for years.

But there are people who seem to believe that there was more to the Body and Soul singer's death than met the coroner's eye. This is based on a thought the songstress shared with her assistant about having feeling that she'll probably die young and a sculpture made of her in the same year.

According to listverse.com, the sinister sculpture was a depiction of Amy's body with a gunshot wound to the head and a Minnie Mouse mask next to her. 

And when Amy passed away three years later, conspiracy theorists confirmed their speculations using the fact that her body was carried out in a red body bag as further evidence of this "blood sacrifice." 

Because 1 + 1 equals 11, right?

Just stop tainting Amy's memory with all this tomfoolery. 


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