Miley likes posting pics of herself on Twitter. She did it:

When she cut her hair into a bob,   
When she dyed it blonde, and more recently,
When she shaved it all off.

So basically, this isn’t new to us.

The same way that Kim K tweeted a snap of her scary see-through outfit (which she thankfully didn’t wear), so too did Miley.

Dressed up in spooky Nicki Minaj lookalike get-up - complete with a giant yellow wig, tattooed arm, fugly bodysuit and some hectic bum padding – she tagged the image with an update which read: @NICKIMINAJ you a stupppppiddddd hoe

Minaj is yet to respond. So, while we wait for a comeback (can you smell a celeb bitch fight brewing?!), can we all just agree that Cyrus does a pretty darn good impersonation?

I’m impressed. Are you?