Now there's an unexpected couple for you - although, come to think of it - we shouldn't be all that surprised given that they actually have a lot in common.

Both are award-winning actors, are heavily involved with humanitarian work and even share the same birthday month and star sign. It also helps that they've known each other for years before they started dating.

What's more is that, according to insider sources, Charlize is apparently a pretty good influence on Sean; a solid example of this showcasing itself in the fact that she's managed to convince him to  get rid of all of the 65 guns he owned.

Given his past reputation and the Benoni beauty's own tragic past (Her mother shot Theron's father in what was ruled a case of self-defense), it's a pretty big concession to make; especially coming from a man that once spent 9 hours beating former wife, Madonna to within an inch of her life.

Which is why we can't help but wonder, can these two Leo's really make it work?

Let's have a look at what the stars have to say:

Charlize, the fun-loving, confident Leo
Born on August 7, 1975, the 38-year old star is a beautiful, intelligent and hard-working force to be reckoned with.

Always putting her best foot forward (she’s practically Hollywood royalty) Charlize is someone who has always struck us as being completely at ease and supremely self-assured in front of the camera and in real life.

Given that most Leo's are often labelled as being hot-headed and arrogant, Charlize appears to be a lot more down-to-earth than most Leos.

While she certainly has a strong focus on her career, she's also a doting mother to her adopted son, Jackson; especially not shy of showing her devotion and affection when she's out and about.

Her temperament seems to be very well-matched to Sean's; her obvious (and perhaps practiced) ease when it comes to dealing with the public and press vultures providing a calming buffer to his more volatile temper.

Whether she'll continue to have such a good impression and positive influence on him, remains to be seen, but from the reports, things are well on their way to becoming even more cosy than before.

We just hope that it stays that way for Charlize's sake.

Sean, the rehabilitated bad boy
Now here's a man with a very unhappy history.

Born August 17, 1960, the 53-year old academy award winning actor certainly seems to embody the very definition of the less attractive qualities associated with Leo.

Prone to aggressive behaviour since the 1980s, Sean is no stranger to violence, controversy and outlandish behaviour.

Not known for his tolerance towards the paparazzi (in one purported case even shooting at them), the actor's propensity for jealous rages was only exacerbated by his drinking problem.

Leo men have been known to be prone to egotistical behaviour, and Sean has been no exception to the rule. His marriage to Madonna in particular, was certainly one that was fueled by unhealthy professional and personal jealousy.

He certainly seems to have mellowed out a lot more since then, and what has certainly helped his tarnished reputation is his genuine interest in doing good (another thing that Leos are known for); something which is clearly just as important to Charlize, given that they made their first official public appearance at a post-Oscar charity event.

You'd think that these two would relish being in the limelight all the time, given that Leos love being the centre of attention, but Sean and Charlize almost seem to be playing coy with the cameras.

Given that they've only been dating a few months, it remains to be seen how their romance will play out, but personally, we reckon that Charlize is probably just what Sean needs to keep his volatile persona in check.

We just hope that old, ugly and violent habits won't get in the way. We'd hate to see Charlize get hurt.

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