Your sexiest apparel
- Red is your colour - so wear it on your nails, your lips and underwear.
- Wear sexy designer jeans to show off your butt and toned body.
- Gym gear that shows your sexy midriff
- Uncomplicated, easy leisurewear to relax in
- And last, but not least: a towel, draped around your freshly showered body.

Your erotic spots
- Your erotic zone is your head, so ask your lover to massage your scalp, nibble your earlobes or kiss your eyelids.
- One of your erotic fantasies is to have sex outdoors, especially on the beach.
- You're turned on by both your lover's perspiration and watching someone eat an ice-cream cone.
- For added sex appeal, be sure to dab your fragrance behind your ears.

Your 3 bedroom rules
- First, fast and furiously
- Yes! To watching sport on the telly
- Last one up gets to make the bed.

Your sexual wish list
- A tattoo in the shape of a sexy scar
- Wrought-iron furniture for your bedroom
- To make love or be made love to, while wearing only a hat, cap, visor or bonnet
- Being seduced in a red sports car
- A lover who is a trapeze artist or an athlete

Sexy Aries celebs
- Reese Witherspoon
- Elle McPherson
- Victoria Beckham
- Ewan McGregor
- Russell Crowe
- Dennis Quaid

Your sexiest aphrodisiacs
- Hot and spicy food, which includes: Mexican, Indian and Thai
- That fresh out of the shower look of a toned and muscular body
- Wearing a sporty fragrance
- A lover who has direct and in-your-face requests.

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