The dress:

A dramatic item in clinging gold with black trim. Meant to stun.

The jewellery:

Black pearls – around the neck, wrist, waist and fingers.

The date:

The new moon on Oct 6 signifies exciting new beginnings. Otherwise any balmy Saturday night after Nov 21.

The wedding:

Unorthodox and revolutionary – perhaps in a circus tent or empty pool. Gorgeous choirboys add hypnotic rhythms.

The honeymoon:

She'll do whatever he wants to do. Not that she's not interested. It's just that she's fascinated by everything. And not fussy at all.

The wedding gift:

Music would be greatly appreciated – as would the latest in books, web designs or interesting new phones. Technology is the thing.

Aquarius as a wife:

Even when she finally succumbs to marriage, motherhood and materialism (usually later in life), there will always be a part of herself kept secret – and strictly her own.

Otherwise she's a great friend, companion, wit, and partner. Equal partner, please note.

What's next?

Life is getting easier, more loving and much more successful every day. Just as well. After what you've been through, it's about time. Love and romance are the highlight. But triumph, adventure and a few extra bucks are not far behind.