The dress:
Jade sultriness or a revealing scarlet clinger.

The jewellery:
Diamonds (obviously) with the odd amethyst.

The date:
The full Aries moon on Oct 21 is a spectacular option. Otherwise Nov 16 (definitely not Oct 16), Dec 19, Jan 4... or any starlit Tuesday night.

The wedding:
Aries wants fun, spectacle and excitement &ndash and preferably a song specially written and sung for her by Robbie Williams.

The honeymoon:
Either a luxury safari deep in the African bush, or a beach holiday not too far from the Mall. Nothing quiet or shy needed here.

The wedding gift:
Don't you dare give an Aries girl a frying pan! Gift vouchers are good (if you're nervous), as is lingerie, matching luggage, or something fun and colourful.

Aries as a wife:
If ever there was a can-have-it-all-superwoman, it would be this gal. The essential common ingredient here is that Miss Aries needs, at all times, a challenge; a crusade. So, husbands – make sure you're not it.

What's next?
The new Mrs Aries moves quickly into home and even instant pregnancy. Love is deep and passionate – hopefully deep enough to survive a mildly horrendous planetary glitch from Oct 15 to Dec 1st. Money is important now – and luck brings new opportunities.