The crab's home life is more important than work. If your Cancerian boss looks serious about something, it's less likely to be about your sloppy work than about little Thando's cold.

At work, untidiness and smoking will bother them. (They may smoke, but you can't!) Cancer people are hard-working, good organisers and know what they want.

Personal cleanliness and grooming are very important to them. These bosses give the staff security, friendship and discipline, and rarely fail to get loyalty in return, although they are hard task-masters.

Mixing business with pleasure isn't a Cancer policy, as a rule. Cancer people tend to spoil their staff with kindness, but when they say "jump", their staff are expected to do so.

When it comes to the crunch, however, there's only one person who can do that important job – and that's the crab! This could be undermining, so be aware of it. On a good note, the crab is artistic and always knows the best words to use.