The dress:
A long, midnight blue gown with a train, and beaded sleeves.

The jewellery:
An antique opal, once your great grandmother's.

The date:
Nov 21-Dec 24 is good. October is hideous. January is fine – especially the 18th. Mondays are best.

The wedding:
The crab wants tradition – perhaps in an ancient chapel or beautiful garden. In fact, a wedding planner would be good to make sure you get it just right.

The honeymoon:
One of those heart-shaped beds in a pink villa somewhere in Greece would warm the Cancerian heart. She wants the whole nine yards.

The wedding gift:
Soft white linens, delicately-embroidered table cloths, silver cutlery, crystal wine glasses – you know, pretty stuff. And get it monogrammed.

Cancer as a wife:
If you belong to her, it's for life. She doesn't take rejection well – and can pull all manner of stunts to make you stay. But if you're ever lost and alone, pop around. She's bound to have something on the boil. Not to mention a welcoming pair of arms to wrap you in.

What's next?
Spiritual and moral compatibility outweigh even the sex. For now. Which means love comes from a deeper, much more mature place. It's also quite likely you'll be pregnant when you marry. Money, incidentally, is fantastic.