It's not very often that Capricorns get lucky. They make it through lots of hard work. As bosses, Capricorns don't ask anyone to do anything they wouldn't do themselves.

They are fair, sympathetic and honest. They believe in a good day's work for a good day's pay.

Capricorns believe they're supposed to take control, and the truth is they're very good at it. Jobless, they become moody and irrational – but as soon as they're in a job again, they start working out how to take over the company.

They're excellent in a crisis, want to make money for their company, and have the brains and drive to get to the top of their career. Capricorn will make it to the top.

Professional jealousy is the only obstacle in the way.

Before you know it, Capricorn is telling everyone how he or she liked the company so much they bought it. Unlike many of the other signs who blow hot air, Capricorns mean what they say.