The dress:
A shimmering silver robe with matching cloak – majestic, cool

The jewellery:
A plain gold band with black onyx rims.

The date:
Best days are Oct 1-10, Nov 20, Jan 2 or Jan 10. Or your birthday. A breezy Saturday afternoon would be wonderful.

The wedding:
Something simple, conservative and deeply spiritual. The minister may read a special verse. For the rest, she'll stick to the old ways.

The honeymoon:
Somewhere beautiful, green, quiet and close to the sea. A cottage on the beach, or a tiny hotel no-one's heard of. Just her and her man.

The wedding gift:
Go for the silverware. There's nothing a Capricorn likes more than a clear and obvious – though never ostentatious &ndash sign of value.

Capricorn as a wife:

It's almost strange to see the words Capricorn and wife in the same sentence. Mrs Cap is far more likely to be heading up some board than polishing the floor. Still, she needs to manage – and if it's not a company, it'll be the family. With gusto!

What's up?
For once, love can't go wrong. Which means yes to perfect choices, wonderful weddings and love. There's some good stuff happening. Give the work a break – and enjoy life for a change.