The dress:
A comfortable, very modern dress or trouser suit in sky-blue.

The jewellery:
Aquamarine set in platinum or silver.

The date:
The planets want you married. Pick your moment. Wednesdays are good. Especially sunny ones.

The wedding:
A party is what's needed here... with music, dancing and exotic cocktails – and hold the speeches. Otherwise, the more the merrier.

The honeymoon:
One of those Club Med jaunts would suit the friendly Gemini. Not much for cosy couples, this one. Well? now and then.

The wedding gift:
How about clubbing together for a hi-fi, or videocamera – or maybe a pool table. Otherwise, go for the glow-in-the-dark joke knickers.

Gemini as a wife:
Probably the most cosmopolitan of all the signs, Mrs Gemini could literally live anywhere. And while she's there, she'll introduce you to all the important people you need to know. She's a natural networker, a flitting butterfly and always, always, a wonderful friend.

What's next?
Marriage provides a safe place from which to grow. The only possible snag is that you grow right out of your marriage. But make the most of it; the planets want you to learn new things – and share them with him. That way you grow together. Finances, meanwhile, get better all the time.